StudentOS™ Editions 

Different Editions of StudentOS were built, having StudentOS™-Basic Edition as it's base.  Each Edition is built to cater different needs, with a different set of Open Source Softwares bundled. Each Edition boots up the system and shows up (in a browser) exactly how every individual software is built and installed. 

Following are the list of StudentOS™ Editions :

  • CMS Edition
  • CRM Edition
  • ERP Edition
  • Twiki Edition
  • Forum Edition
  • Server Edition
  • Streaming Edition
  • eCommerce Edition
  • Web Publishing Edition
  • Communication Edition
  • Support Tracking Edition
  • Systems Management Edition
  • Document Management Edition


How are they different ?

Instead of downloading and installing different softwares and trying to figure out which one would suit/serve the needs,  StudentOS™ Editions makes ones life much easier by bundling some of the widely adopted OpenSource (GPL'ed) ERP softwares in just one bootable CD so that they all could be easily put to use, immediately after installation.

The main advantage and the fundamental difference between StudentOS™ Editions compared to other linux distributions is that, all the mandatory steps of configuration are totally eliminated (or atleast minimized in some Editions) which means, they come with softwares that are preinstalled and preconfigured. All one has to do is to install any StudentOS™ Edition of your liking.  Using any of the softwares that are bundled in each Edition is  just a matter of pointing the browser to the right URL. As simple as that. Rest all are taken care of.


Now what can I do with them ?

The fundamental purpose is to learn, educate and share as what it takes to put all the softwares together and make each Edition truely unique and useful.

Our belief is that, having learnt the art of Linux remastering techniques combined with the knowledge of installation and configuration procedures of each and every individual software along with it's pre-requisites, the creativity could only be limitless!

Nothing is preventing Students Community (or anyone to that matter) to pick and choose the software of their liking to make a bootable linux on their own, and to cater to the needs of whatever they would like to serve, by truly harnessing the power of Open Source !


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