What is StudentOS™ (SOS) ?

StudentOS™-Basic Edition is a remastered Damn Small Linux-4.0 with Linux kernel-2.4.35 and LIRC-0.8.2.

Why StudentOS™ ?

The goal of StudentOS™ is to learn, educate and share the process of creating ones own Linux distribution, applying Linux remastering techniques. The source of inspiration for this work comes from 2 excellent books (Negus Live Linux Series) , which I would strongly recommend.

  • Live Linux CDs
  • Damn Small Linux


StudentOS™ is dedicated for Students who have a craving and passion to learn Linux remastering techniques. All the commands that are needed (starting from downloading the source tar files till burning the linux ISO image) are shown in a browser  when system boots up with StudentOS™-Basic Edition. By closely following the commands (a blind cut-and-paste would suffice) one should be able to successfully create a bootable Linux of their own! (Refer to the links under "Documents" for more information)

We sincerely hope Students will find this interesting and informative. If so, feel free to spread the word on StudentOS™ and Metoo Labs.

- Learn, Educate, Share !

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